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I'm harry bartlam if you dont know seems the new place to be ūüôā

So its to Tinychat we have gone namely enjoy <3.

tinychat eye

So after a long time we have now started the Reelaxregs podcast and Simply put WOW at some of the stuff that we go over, here’s a preview of some of the antics.

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The full version will be out soon and to let you know there is a lot of “WTF did they just say that” so take warn.
Here’s the page where the future Podcast’s will likely be.

I’m sorry but only the four of us are generally allowed in the podcast
As an exception every once in awhile one person can join us in the call if they are entertaining enough, with them being agreed upon by all of us.

Our 15+ room

And our 18+ room

This is not really anywhere near done but i hope you all enjoy, a theme is in the works its easy to make but its just getting the time and all that im in uni i really dont have the time <3

done and done

This new version of the site is probable only ever going to be moded my me but i really hope you all think of me as a fair person i have never tried to invoke my thoughts through the site

The gallery, wiki and quotes database will  be back in full form in the coming versions of the site, but the forum has always not been to my liking and so i will be looking in to options for what may be used ( i will try and import the work)