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These are only snippets of the whole show so to get the whole thing you need to watch it live or download the big ass file. (Future shows with be uploaded to YouTube.)
If you haven’t listened to the first one here it is.

Play Teaser01 - 5/10/2012

This one was done as a test to see how and if a Funny podcast would work (the full version should be out soon).

Teaser02 includes Danno from over at

This one is a discussion we had about Windows 8 and Gaming.

Play Teaser02 - 6/14/2012

Play Teaser03-6/14/2012 (video capture of part of Teaser02)

Here is the G+ Hangout test run.

Play Teaser04-6/16/2012

So after a long time we have now started the Reelaxregs podcast and Simply put WOW at some of the stuff that we go over, here’s a preview of some of the antics.

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The full version will be out soon and to let you know there is a lot of “WTF did they just say that” so take warn.
Here’s the page where the future Podcast’s will likely be.

I’m sorry but only the four of us are generally allowed in the podcast
As an exception every once in awhile one person can join us in the call if they are entertaining enough, with them being agreed upon by all of us.